Why SEO Agencies Do Great Digital PR

04:48 by Christy Max
There was a time not too long ago, when the SEO power could be increased by a handful of experts and a budget for buying links. Over the years,was killed and SEO agencies have had to provide to adapt an SEO performance.

Links have always been an important signal rankings,and still are,even if they are known to share the room sizes with other factors.SEO agencies now have to be able to create links without a broker connection,his fall is paid to article directories,blog entries and forum without etc.Google recent steps against spam links has meant everyone had a clean solution,Most agencies visionary saw coming and successfully adapted as such,over time,in most cases.

Change in Recruitment Strategy

We decided back in 2010 the change in our way of recruitment,at that time had still been a strong focus on technical and analytical skills,of course,are those skills really necessary but for the link acquisition,we knew we were in search of who they were and what they mean are publishers wanted to cover trade relations.

As such,we have begun to build our digital PR and social department,he said.For graduates and executives with marketing, public relations and communications funds This new recruitment strategy brought a lot of challenges,not only in terms of how we delivered our links,but also the dynamics of Digital PR department is now agency.Our 15 strong people,and in my opinion the bias of the country's finest links Driving at high quality,coverage,traffic and sales for our customers.


SEO agencies are perfectly positioned to take social campaigns and public relations work performed,including digital campaigns to rotate.First SEO agencies understand the value of the Notes They know that sites are more favorable to improve SEO performance and as such can use this knowledge to use their favorite media and journalists.Second,because of this understanding,they also know that sites to stay away from or cover parts could be potentially harmful from the perspective of SEO.

Very often customers Releases sold to the press or an agreement with a publisher in line on a piece of content that are willing to customers active on site publish.Unbeknownst connections are,or have been included in lists black for another activity,the goes against the Google guidelines.When has a SEO agency's visibility in these places,you can do some simple tips to make sure that there arise no problem with the reach or links.This could include making the link is not followed,to ask add the domain to deny tool or in some cases,be removed.

Third,a lot of good SEO agencies have digital content creation for a long time we had to understand what is likely viral content and media that works on various social networks and platforms. Not only we know that but we can also create! Once again,most good SEO agencies already have the internal capacity to ingeniously create content and become more important than the UX,personalization and content marketing these functions are only going to increase in recent years.

No need to outsource this type of work we have to do for years,often outsourced to us from traditional PR agencies and media.Once you take all this knowledge and skill,and the layer with a communication device, what type of content and data Gets coverage not only understand,but being able to develop the right relationships; then you have a ready team, links, engagement,reach,traffic and drive sales for their clients.

Where Are The Lines Drawn?

Of course there are differences in all disciplines; SEO, public relations and content marketing much more than simply getting coverage in the PR side are reputation and crisis management,public engagement and advocacy on the side of content marketing and,of course,SEO These are almost all digital disciplines.However,if your goal is,the supply can be seen online and on your target audience ,then I can not see a better than a good SEO and/or digital marketing agency option.

Get cover incorporating all disciplines skills allows you coverage and exposure,traffic,visibility and sales drives get.I wanted to write another section at the bottom that covers a real example of what could be achieved by combining their skills SEO,content marketing and PR,but it makes sense to me simply to link I made so you to go take a look at yourself.