The Evolution of SEO

04:39 by Christy Max
Lately there was much discussion about SEO when it ceases to exist when better known now mixed in tactics as content marketing,or remains essentially and basically a series of tasks central web sites. For now,I'm sure we've all heard the phrase,SEO dead.While Yes,we can agree that certain aspects of the optimization of traditional search engines are no longer relevant,SEO is certainly not dead.It's just evolved, and we as a seller,the experience of the changes on an ongoing basis.Content marketing strategy has been to increase final roadmap on participation in all channels.Will our old definition of SEO to survive this transition? certainly not.But we can provide a new understanding of what it means to formulate to optimize the search,while creating valuable consumer experiences through content.

The Past

When we think about the traditional pillars of SEO, they're often broken down into these three categories:

• Technical
• Content
• Links

Search engine optimization was considered to be a very technical process worshipping the then-simpler algorithms to generate top search ranking, and carefully pinpointing the tactics to boost website traffic. It was about removing technical obstacles,stuffing our content with specific keywords, and excessively linking focusing solely on rank.However,as marketers,we recognize there are several factors that have driven dramatic change in the way we define our SEO strategies. 

The Present  

Proven and established best practices remain a part of SEO, but today search engines have changed their algorithms to reflect a very different kind of value, as we have seen in the past experience.They have required changes as Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird brands to tailor their content strategies to reflect not only a better search engine,but the focus on a new audience to move to the end user,rather than search engines.

SEO is not only an attempt to number 1 for its terms will be designated,but has become a much broader landscape of ideas and exchange of information.The ability to really get involved in other words,researchers what we like to categorize the content and authority were a critical component in understanding today emerged SEO successful approach,the content is often assessed by its usefulness ,relevance and educational influencers and social media audiences alike value.By monitoring consumer insights,which are able to clearly identify the audience and give them access to content,to adapt their specific interests.That's the great experiences brand come,which in turn stimulate conversions.

As content marketing and SEO strategies continue to evolve,so does our concept of classification.While the coveted number 1 ranking in the SERP was once considered the ultimate recognition of SEO success,today we have the concept of ranking replaces visibility.What is meant to be understood by visibility? This means to capture,how many real estate unpaid on the results page of search engines as possible (ie safe answer,knowledge graph,image carousel,etc.).It also means,with a reach far beyond the SERP,stretched to touch the public through various content platforms,social media channels and devices.It is to find the people the opportunity to connect to,and learn its contents in places that look.

In addition to the broader, conceptual understanding of visibility,we should all think about it in the physical sense.Mobile vision become particularly important as consumers change their behavior patterns and engagement online.Search experts have certainly emphasized the importance of mobile optimization,and rightly so.This development can not be ignored.Marketers and SEO professionals have aligned deeper with these new methods of SEO and in turn have strong content marketing strategies they implemented to strengthen.As we continue on this path and look to the future,we must continue to create content for search engines, but for the people.

The Future

Take a step ahead of the SEO landscape - in fact, you can search engine optimization no longer exist in their concept.For all purposes,let's call it what it is: content marketing.Content marketing can be seen as a driver and not a single channel, but the driver of all channels will be.We will be methods to optimize for specific back channel commitment.This means break internal silos within an organization and therefore different marketing segments operate synergistically.This means that the data,scientists,writers and content creators work together on these strategies.

More and more consumers have shown they appreciate the interactivity.We can no longer assume that the daily consumption will be hired by a static part of the text-based content on your desktop .And your expectations only increasing day by day. When they are through their omni trips brand loyalty and product research,consumers travel content that suits want.Because content seamlessly through the channels with people traveling to see them.More than anything else,the content will be an experience.

Closing Thoughts

Looking back at the past and toward a future SEO content marketing, which have certainly come a long and complicated path. Although our methods have been changed,remained relatively similar to our goals.We have always desired visibility creates a good SEO strategy, but today we know that the visibility has assumed a definition of it,much further.As the worlds of marketing and consumption continues to develop, we must all be involved in a larger discussion about the content. If SEO is evolving, so the seller must.Adapt and survive it's the only way!