Does Leaving A Comment On A Blog Help Your SEO?

04:52 by Christy Max
Have you ever posted a comment on a blog? Ever stop to think about how this announcement might think, affects comment? Or on your own site? Well, I think so. It is does. After read my comments today may make you think twice about publishing (and to publish).We cannot really comment on blogs without first addressing Link Building “and” Link Building ways to talk. So what is it anyway? In the field of search engine optimization (SEO), link building describes an action that increased the number and quality of inbound / incoming links to a page aligned web or as he says, they are the roads between the parties.

Search engines use links as votes in the democracy of opinion, on the web pages are important and popular algorithms and complex site assessments and create pages based on this information. So if you’re on a blog, which is essentially the construction of a small invisible way from their website to your comment. This is where you should ask I want a bit of road between this site and built me? Will this regard reflect well on me and my company? Is the relevant way for me and my company?

For example, if you are a wedding planner, how to work with a wedding planner for your wedding to discuss a photography blog, then your way is probably a good idea to build. If you blog commenting a strip club are a wedding planner, perhaps path should be reconsidered.

In the past (and even today), there were companies that will pay you to build your links. You are to post comments with links on thousands of blogs.Basically,are the sweatshops of the world combined. A few people sitting on a bank of computers in some third world country and post your blog link in the comments sections of a plethora of blogs around the world and make some stupid comment that your blog had felt and is likely to do with spelling errors sprinkled. Computer programs have now taken the place of real human in some cases and can be sent at the speed of light, without human intervention. This is a “System Link Building”! And it provides no value.

If you have your own blog you will know what I’m talking about because you hate these little spamming bastards! And that’s exactly what they are spamming bastards! And much time is wasted having to weed out these idiots from your blog so the actual comments can get through. This is not the way to build links to your website! This is for scamming scammers and Google will recognize them as such. (And there are spam filters you can add to your blog to weed these people out as well, by the way.)

So what is the normal person to do to build their inbound links? One thought is a link building “party”? Have you ever been invited to one? I have. You know, the whole “you post a comment on my blog and I’ll post a comment on yours” except on a much larger level.Recipe and lifestyle blogs are really good with this. They schedule certain times where everyone in their community leaves blog posts on each other’s blogs. So, in theory, in one night you could feasibly have hundreds of comments on your blog post, if you have a really active community. And you, in turn, would leave a comment on a hundred other blogs.

But does it work? Well, yes, it does. But maybe not in the way you’re thinking. As in, it’s probably not going to send a wave of people running to your website because you participated in one linky party and now Google puts you on the first page of Google. A more likely effect of a linky party is that another more popular blog owner reads your blog and decides to feature you on their blog and now you’re exposed to even more people in your target market.

Keep in mind though, even with linky parties, you should stay in blog markets that are logical to you and your business.Some things you should keep in mind for best results (and as a courtesy to others):

Post with your REAL name. You’re not a scammer. You’re a human. So let us see who you really are.Much like the last comment, post as a person, not as your business name. It’s more authentic. Posting as a business name feels spammy right away. And don’t worry about not getting “credit” for our post. The all knowing Google will figure it out.

Avoid one line posts, like “great post”. Ugh, that’s the worst! Is that the kind of comment you would want someone else to write on your blog? If it’s a great post, then tell why it was a great post.This is not an advertising platform for your business! Don’t be spammy by automatically adding a link to your website in your comment. Most blogs usually have fields for name, email and website just above where you will post your comment.

Once your comment is approved your name will likely have a hyperlink to your website anyway.On your own blog, be careful who you let post a comment. As I mentioned earlier, there are spam filters you can use as a first step. But sometimes it’s hard to tell if that commenter is legit. If you have any question, check out their site first before approving their comment. It’s better to be safe than sorry, because if you let a spammer post on your blog you will be connected with spammers and you don’t want to be associated with a spammer in any way!

On your own blog, don’t forget to interact! You can’t expect to get a ton of blog comments and not respond. I often see blogs with questions in the comments but the poster never responds. Personally, I won’t leave a comment on these blogs. And your posters will soon realize that you don’t care about them – you just care about their comments.Bottom line blog commenting IS a great way to build links, engage with an audience on a site you like, and enhance your own visibility.” But you can’t do it for one day and think you’re done with it. It needs to be added as a regular part of your marketing efforts.